Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Workers' Compensation Division

Rule Rule 436-060-0040
Payment of Permanent Partial Disability Compensation

(1) General. A permanent partial disability award exceeding $6,000 may be paid monthly by the insurer. If it is paid monthly, it must be paid at 4.35 times the weekly temporary disability rate at the time of closure. A permanent partial disability award less than $6,000 must be paid under OAR 436-060-0060 (Lump Sum Payment of Permanent Partial Disability Awards).
(2) Reopened claims. If a claim is reopened as a result of a new medical condition, or an aggravation of the conditions resulting from the worker’s compensable injury:
(a) Any permanent partial disability benefits due must continue; and
(b) If any temporary disability benefits are due, permanent partial disability benefits must be paid concurrently.
(3) Vocational training plans. If the worker begins an authorized training plan under OAR 436-120 after claim closure, the insurer must suspend the payment of any work disability award, but continue to pay any impairment award. The insurer must stop temporary disability compensation payments and resume any award payments suspended under ORS 656.268 (Claim closure)(10) upon the worker’s completion or ending of the training, unless the worker is not then medically stationary.

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