Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Workers' Compensation Division

Rule Rule 436-060-0195
Miscellaneous Monetary Adjustments Among Insurers


General. The director may order monetary adjustments between insurers when a worker has a right to compensation, but there is a dispute between insurers that does not fall under the director’s authority in ORS 656.307 (Determination of issues regarding responsibility for compensation payment) and OAR 436-060-0190 (Monetary Adjustments among Parties and Department of Consumer and Business Services).


When any litigation on the issues in question is final, insurers must make any necessary monetary adjustments between themselves, consistent with the determination of coverage for compensation paid to the worker, medical providers, and others for which they are responsible, within 30 days of receiving enough information to determine the benefits paid and the relationship to the conditions involved.


Any balance due after making such adjustments must be paid in a timely manner to the worker, medical providers and other parties under OAR 436-009 and 436-060-0150 (Timely Payment of Compensation).


Any failure to obtain reimbursement from an insurer under this rule is not recoverable from the Consumer and Business Services Fund.


Obligation to process claims. The director may direct any necessary monetary adjustment between parties, but will not order an insurer to pay compensation above that required by law, as it relates to the insurer’s claim, except when an insurer unduly compensates a worker while having knowledge such compensation has already been paid by another insurer. However, each insurer has its own independent obligation to process its claim and pay compensation due until the claim is either accepted or denied. When notified by the director that a dispute over monetary adjustment exists the insurer must provide a written response to questions or issues raised, including supporting documentation, to the division, the other insurers involved and other interested parties within 21 days of the mailing date of the notification.


Failure to make adjustments. Failure to respond to the director’s inquiries or make monetary adjustments within 30 days of an order by the director will subject the insurer to civil penalties under OAR 436-060-0200 (Assessment of Civil Penalties).


Unnecessary costs. When the director determines improper or untimely claim processing by an insurer resulted in unnecessary costs, the director may deny monetary adjustment between the insurers.

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