Oregon Department of Human Services, Self-Sufficiency Programs

Rule Rule 461-165-0160
Direct Provider Payments; General Information


The Department makes payments on behalf of eligible clients to the providers they select to care for their children. The payments are made directly to the provider. To be eligible for payment, a provider must:


Charge Department clients at a rate no higher than the rate charged other customers;


Provide the Department his or her social security number (SSN) or IRS identification number; and


Meet the requirements of OAR 461-165-0180 (Eligibility of Child Care Providers).


Payments to a client’s provider are subject to each of the following limitations:


A payment is made only for child care already provided in the TANF program for all providers. A payment is made for child care already provided in the ERDC program for all providers except Certified Centers certified by the Office of Child Care who receive payment in advance for anticipated hours a child is in care for the month.


Payment is made for the amount charged to the client but may not exceed the rate authorized in OAR 461-155-0150 (Child Care Eligibility Standard, Payment Rates, and Copayments).


No payment will be authorized unless the client has designated a primary provider.


No payment will be made for less than one dollar.


Except as provided otherwise in subsection (f) of this section, a payment is made only for child care provided on or after the date the designated provider has met the requirements to be listed and paid through the Department.


A designated child care provider who the Department approves to be listed and paid through the Department may receive payment for child care provided prior to obtaining Department approval if the provider met the other Department requirements and was licensed under OAR 414-205-0000 (Purpose) to 414-205-0170 (Suspension, Denial, Revocation, Findings Reviews and Civil Penalties), 414-350-0000 (Applicability of Rules) to 414-350-0405 (Civil Penalty), or 414-300-0000 (Applicability of Rules) to 414-300-0415 (Civil Penalty).


In the ERDC and TANF programs, the Department may issue a payment to an eligible provider during a month for which child care is being provided to meet an unexpected need of the provider related to the care of a covered child. The payment may be made if, without the payment, continued care by the same provider would be jeopardized and the client could not immediately obtain child care from another provider.

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