OAR 603-021-0710
Sanitation Standards; Facilities


Surroundings: The outer premises of every nonalcoholic beverage plant shall be reasonable clean and well drained, free from any material or condition that creates rodent and/or insect harborage, and free from other nuisances and sources of contamination.


Building: The building or portion thereof employed for compounding flavored sirups and packaging carbonated beverages and similar beverages without carbonation shall be used for no other purposes, and shall be constructed of such material and design that it can be kept clean and maintained in a sanitary manner and condition. No domestic animals or birds shall be allowed in any portion of the building. Toilet room or living quarters shall not open directly into any room or area in which sirup or finished beverages are processed.


Rooms: A separate room shall be provided for compounding and mixing sirups; it shall be separated from other areas of the plant by a solid wall construction. Separate areas from the sirup room shall be provided for bottle washing; filling operation; receiving, storing, and shipping; provided, however, that a separate partitioned room for filling beverage containers shall be required in all new construction on and after the effective date of this order. Sirup mixing and container filling operations may be located in the same room if approved by the Department.


Floors: The floors of rooms where ingredients are handled, compounded, mixed, or processed or where containers or equipment are washed shall be constructed of concrete or other equally impervious material. They shall be smooth, easily cleaned, properly sloped, coved sealed walljoint, provided with trapped drains, and kept in good repair; provided that storage rooms for storing dry ingredients, packaging materials, containers, supplies, need not be provided with drain.


Walls and ceiling: Walls and ceiling in the sirup room, filling and washing area, shall have a moisture resistant, smooth, washable, light colored surface and shall be kept clean and in good repair. Walls may be of a darker color up to not more than 60 inches from the floor. With the approval of the Department, walls in the filling and washing area above 60 inches from the floor may be constructed of sound retarding material that is not conducive to multiplication of microorganisms. When paint is used, it should be of the mold resistant type.


Doors and windows: Effective means shall be provided to prevent access of insects and dust into sirup room or container filling area. Exterior hinged doors as well as door into sirup room shall be solid, tight, outward opening, and self-closing. Windows shall be glazed.


Lighting: Lighting in all rooms and work areas shall be sufficient and adequate for the operation that is to be performed. Lights in processing areas where breakage may cause contamination of product or ingredients shall be of the safety type or equipped with protective shields.


Ventilation: Natural or artificial ventilation shall be sufficient to prevent excessive condensation formation, mold, or objectionable odors and maintain sanitary conditions in the sirup room, container filling and washing areas, or any area where necessary. Artificial ventilating systems subject to Department approval.


Water supply: Water supply shall be readily accessible, of sufficient quantity and temperature for the procedure or process intended, and of a safe, sanitary quality. There shall be no cross connections between the safe water supply and any unsafe or questionable water supply, nor with sewage disposal system. There shall be evidence that the water supply has been approved by state or local authorities within past six months.


Toilet Facilities: Toilet facilities shall be provided. The toilet room shall be kept clean, well lighted, and ventilated and plumbing shall meet the state code. Toilet room doors shall be solid, tight and self-closing. Hot and cold running water, soap, single service towels, or air dryer for hands shall be provided. A sign directing employees to wash their hands before returning to work shall be posted in all toilet rooms. Toilet soil lines shall be kept separate from industrial wastelines within plant.


Waste disposal: Liquid waste from plant shall be conveyed to proper facilities in compliance with state plumbing code. Other waste shall be handled and removed at intervals of such frequency as to preclude infestations of insects or rodents and the development of odors and other nuisances. Only clean waste receptacles may be brought into food handling room.

Source: Rule 603-021-0710 — Sanitation Standards; Facilities, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=603-021-0710.

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