OAR 603-021-0715
Construction and Repair of Equipment


All equipment, containers, and utensils used in the handling, processing, compounding, mixing, storage, or transporting of beverages or beverage ingredients shall be smooth, impervious, corrosion resistant, nontoxic, and in good repair and shall be constructed to permit adequate sanitation. Effective protection from contamination shall be maintained. Product-contact surfaces shall be self-draining. Equipment shall be free of sharp internal corners. Welded or soldered areas shall be smooth and similar to the parent metal. All joints shall be flush. Piping shall be of sanitary design and installation. All temperature-control equipment and control devices used on bottle washers shall be accurate and adequately maintained. The bottle washer shall be equipped with an indicating thermometer to record the temperature of the caustic wash solution. It shall be placed so as to be conveniently visible to the operator at all times.


If the washing, filling, and crowning devices are not integral parts of one machine, but are performed by separate units of equipment, they shall be arranged to exclude manual contact with the necks or tops of the bottles between filling and crowning.


Mixing and storage tanks, pipelines, filters, and other apparatus employed in the preparation and distribution of sirups shall be of sanitary construction and made of stainless steel or similar materials resistant to the action of sirup ingredients. All apparatus employed in sirup-making shall be free from recesses and so constructed that all parts may be easily sanitized. All permanent in place sirup lines shall be sloped to drain. All sirup tanks shall be self-draining and provided with suitable covers. Mixing shall be by mechanical means performed so as to prevent contamination of the sirup.


Carbonated water shall not be conveyed in pipelines of galvanized iron, lead, zinc, copper, or other deleterious materials.

Source: Rule 603-021-0715 — Construction and Repair of Equipment, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=603-021-0715.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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