OAR 603-021-0720
Processing Methods


General sanitation: The operations of receiving, segregating, holding, compounding, mixing, packaging and packing, storing, transporting, and handling shall be conducted in a sanitary manner. There shall be no contamination, adulteration, or deterioration of the product or its ingredients. Every plant manu-facturing bottled beverages shall be equipped with suitable mechanical bottle washing apparatus, and with approved machines for carbonating, filling, and crowning. Plant operations shall be performed in such a manner as to prevent the operator or his clothing from coming in contact with the beverages or sanitized product-contact surfaces.


Bottle washing: Reusable glass containers used in the manufacture of soft drinks shall, before being refilled, be sanitized by being washed in an automatic washing machine. An indicating thermometer and caustic solution test equipment shall be used to ascertain the temperature and caustic strength of the washing solution.The washing solution shall consist of at least 3 percent caustic soda with a minimum contact period of five minutes and a temperature of 130°F or an equivalent cleansing and sanitizing process. The bottles shall be rinsed free of washing solution with potable water. Single-service containers may be sanitized by air or water rinsing machines. One trip (single service) containers, such as bottles and cans, may be washed in a mechanical bottle washer, air or water rinsed. One trip containers that are not washed, air or water rinsed shall be stored in such manner as to protect such containers from airborne and manual contamination.


Preparation of sirups: Sirups shall be prepared in a sanitary manner. Every precaution shall be taken against contamination, absorption, or deleterious substances during the preparation and subsequent storage. Sirup tanks and vats shall be covered and constructed of stainless steel or other suitable noncorrosive material. The tanks shall be free from defects, self-draining, free from seams, and shall be of such construction as to be readily flushed, cleaned, and sanitized. Galvanized iron, lead, zinc, copper, or brass-lined containers, pipelines, or apparatus of other deleterious materials shall not be used in preparation, storage, or conveyance of sirups. The sirup room shall be equipped with a wash sink and plumbed with a drain and hot and cold running water.


Filling and crowning: Bottles shall be filled and capped by means of automatic machinery, and neither the operator nor his clothes shall come in contact with any part of the bottle or machinery that might result in contamination of the product. Removal of the crown of imperfectly crowned bottles and recrowning shall not be permitted. Crowns which have been touched on the inner side by the operator, as may occur while adjusting the crowner, shall be discarded. Returnable bottles shall be inspected for any abnormal condition immediately before or after being filled.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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