Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Insurance Regulation

Rule Rule 836-200-0010


An obligor shall pay an annual assessment as required in ORS 646.281 in the amount of $75. The amount of the assessment is based on the expected costs of this registration program.


Assessments under section (1) of this rule shall be imposed and collected annually unless the Director determines that additional amounts need to be assessed and collected in order to support the legislatively authorized budget of the Department with respect to its functions under ORS 646.263 to 646.285 or in order to support changes in the budget authorized by the Emergency Board. The additional amounts shall be assessed as provided in this rule.


The Director shall assess a registrant only if the registrant is authorized to transact service contracts at the time of billing.


A registrant must pay each assessment imposed under this rule not later than the 30th day after the date of the billing of the assessment by the Department. A registrant shall pay interest at nine percent per annum on any assessment that is not paid when due.


In the event the Director determines that an assessment or a part thereof paid by a registrant is in excess of the amount legally due and payable to the Department, if the amount of the refund is less than $50, the Department shall pay the refund only upon receipt of a written request from the registrant. The written request must be received by the Department not later than three years from the date the assessment was paid to the Department.

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