OAR 845-006-0475
License Changes Requiring Notice/Prior Approval


As used in this rule:


“Manager” means any person who has decision making authority and whose primary duties include control over the operation of the licensed premises and its employees with respect to the sale/service of alcoholic beverages. This definition may apply to more than one person at a particular licensed premises;


“Partnership” means an association of two or more persons who carry on a business jointly and who demonstrate an intent to be treated as partners by signing a partnership agreement;


“Person” includes individuals, corporations, partnerships or other business organizations;


“Principal officer” includes the president, any vice president with responsibility over the operation of a licensed business, the secretary, the treasurer, or any other officer designated by the Commission.


All licensees:


Except as this rule allows, no person will obtain an interest in a licensed business as defined in OAR 845-005-0311 (True Name on Application; Interest in Business) without prior Commission approval;


Whenever a person named on the license wants to remove his/her name from the license, the licensee(s) must notify the Commission on the appropriate form and provide documentation that shows the person no longer has an interest in the licensed business;


The Commission may suspend or cancel a license if the licensee fails to notify the Commission, obtain prior approval or to take corrective action as this rule requires. Where extraordinary circumstances make it impossible or impractical to obtain prior approval, the Commission may give conditional approval immediately. After investigation, the Commission may withdraw its conditional approval and give the licensee a reasonable deadline to rescind the action, prior to any hearing to contest the disapproval;


The Commission may disapprove a manager, a change or acquisition described in this rule for any of the grounds for which it may deny a license. If the Commission disapproves a change, acquisition or manager, it will notify the licensee in writing and set a reasonable time for divestiture or for removal of the person;


Any change in an investment interest in a business that holds a committed license and is not yet in operation may result in the Commission withdrawing that committed license.


Managers: The Commission may require a manager to complete an individual history if there is a violation or a compliance problem with the licensed premises.


Corporate licensees (not publicly traded corporation):


The corporate licensee must obtain prior written approval from the Commission whenever a person intends to acquire or accumulate ownership or control of ten percent or more of any class of stock in a licensed corporation;


The corporate licensee must notify the Commission immediately in writing when there has been a change in an officer or director.


Corporate licensees (publicly-traded):


The corporate licensee must notify the Commission within 60 days of the acquisition whenever a person acquires or accumulates ownership or control of ten percent or more of any class of stock;


The corporate licensee must notify the Commission by July 1 of each year of changes in officers and directors. The Commission can take immediate action to disapprove a change that it learns of prior to the annual notification date.


Partnership licensees:


The licensee must obtain prior written approval from the Commission whenever a person intends to become a general partner in a partnership or intends to acquire or control ten percent or more of the total investment commitment in a licensed limited partnership;


The licensee must notify the Commission in writing whenever an existing approved partner increases or decreases his/her investment interest.


Other legal entities: The Commission may require any legal entity other than a corporation, partnership or individual to provide notice and obtain approval of persons who have business relationships with the licensed entity. Commission staff will specify those requirements depending upon the nature of the licensed entity.

Source: Rule 845-006-0475 — License Changes Requiring Notice/Prior Approval, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=845-006-0475.

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