Oregon Oregon Liquor Control Commission

Rule Rule 845-025-5760
Audit, Compliance, and Random Testing


The Commission may require a licensee to submit samples identified by the Commission to a laboratory of the Commission’s choosing to be tested in order to determine whether a licensee is in compliance with the marijuana testing rules found in Chapter 333, Division 7 of the Oregon Administrative Rules or any other rules of the Commission and may require additional testing that is not required by these rules.


A laboratory doing audit testing must comply with these rules, to the extent they are applicable, and if conducting testing not required by these rules, may only use Authority approved methods, unless otherwise authorized by the Commission.


The Commission must establish a process for the random testing of marijuana items for microbiological contaminants that ensures each licensee tests every product for microbiological contaminants at least once a year.


The Commission may exempt a product that has successfully completed a control study in accordance with OAR 333-007-0440 (Control Study) from testing for microbiological contaminants.


The Commission may, at any time, require a licensee to permit the sampling of or submit a sample of a marijuana item to the Commission for testing. Such testing may include testing for:


Any microbiological contaminant.


Heavy metals.


Other adulterants, pesticides, solvents, additives or contaminants that may pose a risk to public health and safety, or are prohibited by law.


A licensee shall submit all samples required for testing under this rule within a timeframe established by the Commission.

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Jun. 8, 2021