Telecommunications Utility Regulation

ORS 759.175
Filing rate schedules and data with commission


Every telecommunications utility shall file with the Public Utility Commission, within a time to be fixed by the commission, schedules showing all rates, tolls and charges that the utility has established and that are in force at the time for any service performed by the utility within the state, or for any service in connection with or performed by any utility controlled or operated by the utility. Schedules filed with the commission shall be open to public inspection.


Every telecommunications utility shall file, with and as part of every schedule filed under subsection (1) of this section, all rules and regulations that in any manner affect the rates charged or to be charged for any service.


Where a schedule of joint rates or charges is or may be in force between two or more telecommunications utilities, the schedule shall in like manner be printed and filed with the commission. [1987 c.447 §12; 2005 c.232 §15]


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