OAR 918-225-0600


Except as otherwise provided in this rule, an installation permit is required before installing, altering, or repairing a nonexempt boiler or pressure vessel.


Notwithstanding section (1) of this rule:


An installation permit is not required for minor repairs performed under a minor repair permit in accordance with OAR 918-225-0606 (Issuance and Purchase of Minor Repair Permits) to 918-225-0618 (Misuse of Minor Repair Permits).


An installation permit is not required for minor repairs or non-welded major repairs to a pressure vessel containing liquefied petroleum gas that is under the jurisdiction of the State Fire Marshal.


If the installation, alteration, or repair will be performed by the owner of the boiler or pressure vessel or an employee of the owner, an installation permit is only required if the boiler or pressure vessel is located in a structure that:


Is classified as an Education Group “E” Occupancy under the Oregon Structural Specialty Code;


Is classified as an Institutional Group “I-2” Occupancy under the Oregon Structural Specialty Code; or


Has an occupant load greater than 100, as calculated under the Oregon Structrual Specialty Code.


Notwithstanding subsection (c) of this rule, an installation permit is not required for a boiler or pressure vessel that is installed, altered, or repaired by its owner or an employee of its owner in a location that is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by individuals knowledgeable in the operation and maintenance of the boiler or pressure vessel.


An operating permit or a temporary operation authorization is required before placing a nonexempt vessel into operation.


If an inspection is scheduled, and the inspector is at the site but the boiler or pressure vessel is not ready or cannot be accessed, the rescheduled inspection will be at an additional cost. The fee for such inspections is the hourly rate specified in ORS 480.605 (Miscellaneous fees).


Permits to operate boilers or pressure vessels shall be issued periodically according to vessel type, based on the schedule established by the division in Table 4-B.


Operating and installation permit fees are as shown in OAR 918-225-0620 (Bulk Rate Permits) Table 3-B.


Intentionally left blank —Ed.


Operating permit fees not received within 90 days of the billing date may be considered delinquent and subject to a late penalty of double the fee amount. It is the equipment owner’s responsibility to maintain a current operating permit. This responsibility includes notifying the division of address and other billing information changes. Late penalties may only be waived under exceptional circumstances.


All waiver requests must be submitted in writing and must clearly state the reason for the request. A waiver may be granted for all or part of the additional fee.


Where an installation permit is required, the equipment owner or, if the work will be performed by a contractor, the contractor, must acquire the installation permit prior to beginning the intended installation, repair, or alteration, and notify the deputy or special inspector who will inspect the work. Work may not begin until the inspector has reviewed and approved the work to be performed.


The installation permit must be posted at the job site before beginning the work; or.


This rule does not change the provisions for emergency permits in ORS 480.630 (Licensing of boiler contractors and persons installing, altering or repairing boilers or pressure vessels)(6). It is recommended, but not required, that emergency permits be reviewed and coordinated with the inspector responsible for inspecting the completed work.


Commissioning of a boiler by a commissioning agent or manufacturer’s representative does not require a separate installation permit.


An installation permit or operating permit issued under this rule is not transferable.


An installation permit automatically expires 18 months from the date of issuance unless the installation, alteration, or repair begins before the end of the 18th month.


The holder of an un-expired installation permit may submit a written request for an unconditional six-month extension of the expiration date. The division may not extend an installation permit more than twice.


An expired installation permit may not be extended or renewed. A new application and fee will be required. The division will not refund the fees for an expired installation permit.


Fees for installation permits are non-refundable.


Any person who commences any work on a boiler or pressure vessel before obtaining the necessary permits shall be subject to an investigative fee. The amount of the investigative fee shall be the average or actual additional cost of ensuring that a boiler or pressure vessel is in conformance with the Oregon Boiler and Pressure Vessel Specialty Code and shall be in addition to the required permit fees.
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