Administration of Estates Generally

ORS 114.365
Validation of certain sales

The following are the subject of validating Acts:


Certain sales of decedent’s real property made prior to 1903 where confirmation of sale was premature, validated by page 133, section 2, General Laws of Oregon 1903.


Certain sales of decedent’s property made prior to 1907 under power in will, validated by chapter 175, General Laws of Oregon 1907.


Certain sales of decedent’s real property made prior to 1917 where publication of the notice of sale was improper, validated by section 2, chapter 114, General Laws of Oregon 1917.


Certain sales by executors or administrators made prior to 1943, validated by chapter 26, Oregon Laws 1943. [Formerly 116.835]
§§ 114.255 to 114.435

Notes of Decisions

Where ORS 30.070 grants personal representative "full power" to settle wrongful death claim with approval of probate court and does not require notice to beneficiaries or grant them right to intervene in proceeding to approve settlement but only to be heard as matter of right regarding allocation of proceeds, if personal representative breached fiduciary duty, beneficiaries have remedy under ORS 114.395 and 114.405. Hughes v. White, 41 Or App 439, 599 P2d 1147 (1979), aff'd 289 Or 13, 609 P2d 365 (1980)


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