Administration of Estates Generally

ORS 114.660
Decedent’s nonprobate estate

For purposes of ORS 114.600 (Elective share generally) to 114.725 (Effect of separation), a decedent’s nonprobate estate consists of the property described in ORS 114.665 (Decedent’s nonprobate estate) that is not included in the decedent’s probate estate and that does not constitute a transfer to the decedent’s surviving spouse. The value of the decedent’s nonprobate estate is reduced by all debts and liabilities of the decedent that are not paid in probate, and by all costs of administering the decedent’s nonprobate estate that are incurred for the purpose of settling claims against the nonprobate estate and distributing the nonprobate estate property to the persons entitled to that property. [2009 c.574 §11; 2011 c.305 §2]


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