Administration of Estates Generally

ORS 114.542
Summary determination


(a) A creditor of an estate whose claim has been presented within the time permitted by ORS 114.540 (Procedure for claims) (1) and disallowed by the affiant in whole or in part may within 30 days after the date of mailing or delivery of the notice of disallowance file with the probate court a petition for summary determination of the claim by the court.


A creditor of the decedent whose claim is listed in the small estate affidavit as disputed may within four months after the filing of the affidavit or amended affidavit listing the disputed claim file with the probate court a petition for summary determination of the creditor’s claim by the court.


The court shall hear a petition for summary determination filed under this section without a jury, after notice to the creditor and affiant, and any interested person may be heard in the proceeding.


The claim may be proved as provided in ORS 115.195 (Proof for court allowance of disallowed claim).


Upon a hearing under this section the court shall determine the claim in a summary manner and shall make an order allowing or disallowing the claim in whole or in part.


An order of the court made upon summary determination under this section may not be appealed and may be enforced only by the filing of a petition for summary review under ORS 114.550 (Summary review of administration of estate). [2019 c.165 §12]
§§ 114.505 to 114.560

Notes of Decisions

Small estate statutory scheme has jurisdictional effect such that all claims within it must be resolved within its process and deadlines. Givan v. Dept. of Human Services, 289 Or App 125, 410 P3d 311 (2017)

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