Offenses Involving Fraud or Deception

ORS 165.692
Making false claim for health care payment

A person commits the crime of making a false claim for health care payment when the person:


Knowingly makes or causes to be made a claim for health care payment that contains any false statement or false representation of a material fact in order to receive a health care payment; or


Knowingly conceals from or fails to disclose to a health care payor the occurrence of any event or the existence of any information with the intent to obtain a health care payment to which the person is not entitled, or to obtain or retain a health care payment in an amount greater than that to which the person is or was entitled. [1995 c.496 §2]

Notes of Decisions

Offense occurs at time claim is made without regard to date of services, existence of payment or date of payment. State v. Young, 161 Or App 507, 985 P2d 835 (1999), Sup Ct review denied

Chapter 165

Law Review Citations

51 OLR 427-637 (1972)


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