Government Ethics

ORS 244.070
Additional statement of economic interest

A public official or candidate shall report the following additional economic interest for the preceding calendar year only if the source of that interest is derived from an individual or business that has a legislative or administrative interest or that has been doing business, does business or could reasonably be expected to do business with the governmental agency of which the public official holds, or the candidate if elected would hold, an official position or over which the public official exercises, or the candidate if elected would exercise, any authority:


Each person to whom the public official or candidate or a member of the household of the public official or candidate owes or has owed money in excess of $1,000, the interest rate on money owed and the date of the loan, except for debts owed to any federal or state regulated financial institution or retail contracts.


The name, principal address and brief description of the nature of each business in which the public official or candidate or a member of the household of the public official or candidate has or has had a personal, beneficial interest or investment, including stocks or other securities, in excess of $1,000, except for individual items involved in a mutual fund or a blind trust, or a time or demand deposit in a financial institution, shares in a credit union, or the cash surrender value of life insurance.


Each person for whom the public official or candidate has performed services for a fee in excess of $1,000, except for any disclosure otherwise prohibited by law or by a professional code of ethics. [1974 c.72 §6; 1975 c.543 §5; 1987 c.566 §12; 2007 c.877 §20; 2009 c.68 §7]

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Confidentiality of identity of client for whom attorney performed service for fee in excess of $1,000 where Government Ethics Commission requests such information to investigate alleged violation of ethics laws, (1981) Vol 42, p 66

Chapter 244

Notes of Decisions

Statutory scheme of this chapter is not unconstitutionally vague. Davidson v. Oregon Government Ethics Commission, 300 Or 415, 712 P2d 87 (1985)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Simultaneous membership in church and local governing body as constituting potential conflict of interest, (1981) Vol 41, p 490; contractors that perform services for government as "public officials" subject to ethics law, (1990) Vol 46, p 350

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