Government Ethics

ORS 244.217
Statement of contributions received and expenditures made


The trustee of a legal expense trust fund shall, according to the schedule described in subsection (3) of this section, file with the Oregon Government Ethics Commission a statement for the applicable reporting period showing contributions received by the trustee and expenditures made from the trust fund account established under ORS 244.215 (Fund account).


Each statement shall list:


The name and address of each person who contributed an aggregate amount of more than $75, and the total amount contributed by that person;


The total amount of contributions not listed under paragraph (a) of this subsection as a single item, but shall specify how those contributions were obtained;


The amount and purpose of each expenditure and the name and address of each payee; and


The name and address of any person contributing pro bono legal assistance and the fair market value of the assistance provided by the person.


Statements required to be filed with the commission under this section shall be filed according to the schedule described in ORS 244.218 (Quarterly filing of statements).


If no contributions are received and no expenditures made during the reporting period, the trustee shall file a statement indicating that no contributions were deposited and no expenditures were made.


The trustee may amend a statement filed under this section without penalty if the amendment is filed with the commission not later than 30 days after the deadline for filing the statement. [2007 c.877 §35]


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