Conduct of Elections

ORS 254.235
Testing of voting machines and vote tally systems

  • notice of test


Not later than seven days before an election in which voting machines or vote tally systems are used, the county clerk shall:


Conduct a preparatory test of the machine and system for logic and accuracy to ensure that each ballot format, where appropriate, correctly tallies ballots in each electoral contest by precinct; and


Conduct a public certification test for the vote tally system using a selection of precincts, ballot formats and electoral districts from the preparatory test conducted under this subsection.


Prior to the public certification test under subsection (1)(b) of this section, the county clerk shall mail to each affiliate of a major or minor political party within the county that has notified the clerk that notice is desired, a notice of the time and place where the vote tally system will be publicly tested. One representative of each party is entitled to be present to ensure that the testing is done properly. In nonpartisan elections each candidate may designate one representative who has the same powers as the political party representatives. The party and candidate representatives shall certify that they have witnessed the testing. The certificates shall be filed with the county clerk. [1979 c.190 §247; 1993 c.797 §23; 2001 c.965 §22; 2007 c.154 §32; 2009 c.592 §4]


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