Conduct of Elections

ORS 254.655
Order calling special election

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If the Secretary of State determines that a special election is necessary under ORS 254.650 (Special election in case of death of nominee of major political party within 47 days of general election), the secretary shall issue an order calling the election. The secretary shall issue the order not later than the fifth business day after the date of the general election.


The date of the special election shall be determined by the Secretary of State by rule. The special election shall be held not sooner than January 2 of the odd-numbered year following the date of the general election and not later than the Friday before the second Monday in January of the odd-numbered year.


A state voters’ pamphlet may not be prepared for any special election called under this section. [2003 c.542 §3; 2007 c.154 §49]


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