Actions and Suits in Particular Cases

ORS 30.390
Satisfaction of judgment against public corporation

If judgment is given for the recovery of money or damages against a public corporation mentioned in ORS 30.310 (Actions and suits by governmental units), no execution shall issue thereon for the collection of such money or damages, but the judgment shall be satisfied as follows:


The party in whose favor the judgment is given may, at any time thereafter, when an execution might issue on a like judgment against a private person, present a certified copy of the judgment document, to the officer of the public corporation who is authorized to draw orders on the treasurer thereof.


On the presentation of the copy, the officer shall draw an order on the treasurer for the amount of the judgment, in favor of the party for whom the judgment was given. Thereafter, the order shall be presented for payment, and paid, with like effect and in like manner as other orders upon the treasurer of the public corporation.


The certified copy provided for in subsection (1) of this section shall not be furnished by the clerk, unless at the time an execution might issue on the judgment if the same was against a private person, nor until satisfaction of the judgment in respect to such money or damages is acknowledged as in ordinary cases. The clerk shall provide with the copy a memorandum of such acknowledgment of satisfaction and the entry thereof. Unless the memorandum is provided, no order upon the treasurer shall issue thereon. [Amended by 2003 c.576 §185]
§§ 30.310 to 30.400

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Activities of National Guard personnel as within Tort Claims Act, (1981) Vol 41, p 441


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