Actions and Suits in Particular Cases

ORS 30.689


It is the purpose of ORS 30.687 (Definitions for ORS 30.687 to 30.697) to 30.697 (Effect on workers’ compensation benefits) to assist courts and juries to define the circumstances under which those persons responsible for equines may and may not be liable for damages to other persons harmed in the course of equine activities.


It is the policy of the State of Oregon that no person shall be liable for damages sustained by another solely as a result of risks inherent in equine activity, insofar as those risks are, or should be, reasonably obvious, expected or necessary to the person injured.


It is the policy of the State of Oregon that persons responsible for equines, or responsible for the safety of those persons engaged in equine activities, who are negligent and cause foreseeable injury to a person engaged in those activities, bear responsibility for that injury in accordance with other applicable law. [1991 c.864 §1]


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