ORS 30.933
Legislative findings; policy


The Legislative Assembly finds that:


Farming and forest practices are critical to the economic welfare of this state.


The expansion of residential and urban uses on and near lands zoned or used for agriculture or production of forest products may give rise to conflicts between resource and nonresource activities.


In the interest of the continued welfare of the state, farming and forest practices must be protected from legal actions that may be intended to limit, or have the effect of limiting, farming and forest practices.


The Legislative Assembly declares that it is the policy of this state that:


Farming practices on lands zoned for farm use must be protected.


Forest practices on lands zoned for the production of forest products must be protected.


Persons who locate on or near an area zoned for farm or forest use must accept the conditions commonly associated with living in that particular setting.


Certain private rights of action and the authority of local governments and special districts to declare farming and forest practices to be nuisances or trespass must be limited because such claims for relief and local government ordinances are inconsistent with land use policies, including policies set forth in ORS 215.243 (Agricultural land use policy), and have adverse effects on the continuation of farming and forest practices and the full use of the resource base of this state. [1993 c.792 §31]

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