ORS 30.882
Award of liquidated damages to sports official subjected to offensive physical contact; attorney fees


In addition to, and not in lieu of any other damages that may be claimed, a plaintiff who is a sports official shall receive liquidated damages in an amount not less than $500 but not more than $1,000 in any action in which the plaintiff establishes that:


The defendant intentionally subjected the plaintiff to offensive physical contact;


The defendant knew that the plaintiff was a sports official at the time the offensive physical contact was made;


The offensive physical contact is made while the plaintiff is within, or in the immediate vicinity of, a facility at which the plaintiff serves as a sports official for a sports event; and


The offensive physical contact is made while the plaintiff is serving as a sports official or within a brief period of time thereafter.


The court shall award reasonable attorney fees to a prevailing plaintiff in an action in which liquidated damages are awarded under this section.


An award of liquidated damages under this section is not subject to ORS 31.725 (Pleading punitive damages), 31.730 (Standards for award of punitive damages) or 31.735 (Distribution of punitive damages).


As used in this section, “sports official” means a person who:


Serves as a referee, umpire, linesman or judge or performs similar functions under a different title; and


Is a member of, or registered by, a local, state, regional or national organization that engages in providing education and training in sports officiating. [1999 c.786 §1]

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