State Financing of Elementary and Secondary Education

ORS 327.222
Intensive program for high needs school districts

  • student success teams
  • rules


The Department of Education shall establish an intensive program for school districts with the highest needs in this state.


(a) The department shall identify and select school districts to participate in the intensive program. The department may not select a public charter school under this section.


A school district that agrees to participate in the intensive program must participate in the program for at least four years.


A school district that agrees to participate in the intensive program shall be eligible for additional funding from the Statewide Education Initiatives Account. The additional funding shall be based on rules adopted by the State Board of Education and shall be calculated based on the ADMw of the school district, as calculated under ORS 327.195 (Calculations of grant amounts).


A school district that agrees to participate in the intensive program shall:


Commit to regular student success plan meetings to monitor practices;


Use data to track student progress;


Ensure school employees receive appropriate professional development and training;


Create safe and inclusive learning environments;


Improve school and school district practices and structures to support teaching and learning; and


Improve the skills of the members of the school board.


For the purpose of assisting school districts participating in the intensive program, the department shall establish student success teams. Student success teams shall be composed of personnel with expertise in school and school district improvement strategies, including the use of differentiated instruction and inclusionary practices.


(a) Under the intensive program, student success teams shall:


Advise and counsel school districts on how to improve performance outcomes; and


Develop recommendations for meeting performance growth targets.


School district boards and superintendents of school districts participating in an intensive program must:


Accept all recommendations of the student success teams related to the use of Student Investment Account grant moneys and additional funding received under this section; and


Consider all recommendations of the student success teams not described in subparagraph (A) of this paragraph.


A school district that receives recommendations under this subsection must issue a report that:


Describes the recommendations;


Identifies the recommendations that will be implemented and the timelines for implementing the recommendations; and


Identifies the recommendations that will not be implemented and an explanation for why the recommendations will not be implemented.


The report required under paragraph (c) of this subsection must be:


Made available at the school district’s main office and on the school district’s website; and


Distributed to the school district community, including employees of the school district and families of the students of the school district. [2019 c.122 §18]


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