State Financing of Elementary and Secondary Education

ORS 327.341
Grants to provide instructional time during summer

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In addition to those moneys distributed through the State School Fund, the Department of Education shall make grants to improve student achievement in schools that:


Are considered high poverty under Title I of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965;


The department has identified as having a significant achievement gap between historically underserved students groups and other student groups pursuant to standards adopted by the State Board of Education; and


The department has identified as needing additional supports and interventions based on:


Criteria used by the Department of Education to measure the performance of the schools; and


The schools’ performance ranking compared to similar schools.


The department shall identify schools to receive grants as provided in this section and shall notify the identified schools of the schools’ eligibility to receive grants as provided in this section.


Moneys received by a school under this section must be used to provide instructional time during a summer program. The summer program must provide at least 60 hours of direct academic instruction by a teacher licensed under ORS 342.125 (Types of licenses) or by an instructional assistant, as defined in ORS 342.120 (Definitions for chapter).


The State Board of Education may adopt any rules necessary for the administration of this section. [2019 c.122 §43]


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