State Financing of Elementary and Secondary Education

ORS 327.330
Grants to school districts for construction and maintenance of public school facilities

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Subject to the rules of the State Board of Education, the Superintendent of Public Instruction shall make grants to school districts that apply therefor for the purpose of construction and maintenance of public school facilities.


Grants shall not exceed $500,000 in any biennium to any school district. In addition, a combination of districts may submit a joint grant application in an amount not to exceed $500,000. However, a district or combination thereof may apply in subsequent bienniums for additional grants for the same facility. Grants must be matched at least one local dollar for four state dollars by the district or combination thereof.


The state board by rule shall establish criteria for grant approval. Such criteria shall include but not be limited to:


The age of public school facilities, the degree of overcrowding and the absence of facilities that are considered necessary to accomplish the educational goals of the district and this state; and


Maintenance and reconstruction needs related to the deterioration of existing public school facilities, which deterioration has the potential of affecting the health and safety of students. [1993 c.765 §123]


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