State Financing of Elementary and Secondary Education

ORS 327.345
Grants for training English language learner teachers

  • qualifications
  • use
  • rules


As used in this section, “ELL student” means a student who is eligible for and enrolled in an English language learner program under ORS 336.079 (English language learners).


In addition to distributing moneys through the State School Fund, the Department of Education may award grants to school districts for the costs of training English language learner teachers.


The grants shall be available to any school district:


In which three percent or more of the students enrolled are ELL students;


That serves ELL students or bilingual students within a large geographic area in the district;


That has a high growth, as defined by rule of the State Board of Education, of ELL students or bilingual students in any school year; or


That can demonstrate extraordinary need, as defined by rule of the board, for English language learner teachers or training for English language learner teachers.


A school district that receives a grant under this section may use the grant to reimburse teachers for tuition costs associated with completing an English language learner or a bilingual teaching program.


The department may seek and accept gifts, grants and donations from any source and federal funds for the purpose of carrying out the grant program under this section.


The board may adopt any rules necessary for the administration of the grant program. The rules adopted by the board shall include a method for determining the grant amount that a qualified school district may receive under this section. [2001 c.951 §1; 2015 c.604 §14]


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