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ORS 339.125
Contract for admission of nonresident pupils

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The district school board may contract with the district school board of any other district for the admission of pupils in schools of the other district. The contract shall be in writing upon forms furnished by the Department of Education. Expense incurred shall be paid out of the school funds of the district sending such pupils. If the district sending the pupils fails to pay the expense so incurred according to the terms of the contract, the administrative office for the county containing such school district, after satisfactory proof of such failure, shall deduct the amount of the unpaid expense from the amount due the school district at the next regular apportionment. The county treasurer shall pay the amount of the reduced apportionment out of the county school fund.


In case the school district sending the pupils is a joint district, jurisdiction shall be exercised by the administrative office for the county in which the most populous part of such district is situated, according to the latest school census. The office’s action in the matter is final. [1965 c.100 §286; 1993 c.45 §116]

Notes of Decisions

If the Board makes a contract with another district for its high school students’ attendance, the Board may decide to which district it will pay tuition for its resident students. Porter v. Riverdale Sch. Dist. 51, 21 Or App 773, 536 P2d 1265 (1975)


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