School Attendance

ORS 339.303
Rules for complaints, investigations and seclusion rooms

The State Board of Education shall adopt by rule:


A process for an organization or an individual to submit to the Superintendent of Public Instruction a written, signed complaint alleging that a public education program is violating or has violated a provision of ORS 339.285 (Definitions for ORS 339.285 to 339.303) to 339.303 (Rules for complaints, investigations and seclusion rooms). The complaint must indicate that, prior to submitting the complaint to the superintendent, the organization or individual attempted to seek a remedy for the complaint from the board or governing body overseeing the entity that has jurisdiction over the public education program against which the complaint is being submitted.


A process for investigating a complaint submitted under subsection (1) of this section.


The minimum standards for any rooms used by a public education program for seclusion of a student. The standards must:


Take into account the health and safety of students and personnel of the public education program and the respect and dignity of students; and


Include consideration of the size, safety features, lighting and ventilation of the rooms. [2013 c.650 §2]


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