Highway Beautification

ORS 377.605
Definitions for ORS 377.605 to 377.655

As used in ORS 377.605 (Definitions for ORS 377.605 to 377.655) to 377.655 (Rules for removal and disposition of signs and property in violation of ORS 377.650), unless the context requires otherwise:


“Department” means the Department of Transportation.


“Director” means the Director of Transportation.


“Federal-aid primary system” means the federal-aid primary system in existence on June 1, 1991, and any highway that is not on such system but that is on the National Highway System.


“Interstate System” means every state highway that is part of the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways established by the department in compliance with section 103(e) of title 23, United States Code.


“Junk” means old or scrap copper, brass, rope, rags, batteries, paper, trash, rubber, debris, waste, or junked, dismantled, wrecked, scrapped or ruined motor vehicles, or motor vehicle parts, iron, steel or other old or scrap ferrous, or nonferrous material, metal or nonmetal materials.


“Junkyard” means any establishment or place of business where there is accumulated on the premises eight or more motor vehicles or an equivalent volume of junk that is maintained, operated or used for storing, keeping, buying or selling of junk and the term includes automobile graveyards, garbage dumps and scrap metal processing facilities.


“Maintain” means to allow to exist.


“Main traveled way” means the through traffic lanes, exclusive of frontage roads, auxiliary lanes and ramps.


“State highway” or “state highway system” means the entire width between the boundary lines of every state highway as defined in ORS 366.005 (Definitions), including but not limited to the Interstate System and the federal-aid primary system.


“Visible” means capable of being seen without visual aid by a person of normal visual acuity.


“Zoned industrial area” is an area adjacent to a state highway or public highway which is zoned for industrial use under authority of state law. [1967 c.590 §3; 1979 c.186 §16; 1979 c.210 §1; 1993 c.741 §47]


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