Highway Beautification

ORS 377.705

To promote the public safety; to preserve the recreational value of public travel on the state’s highways; to preserve the natural beauty and aesthetic features of such highways and adjacent areas; to provide information about and direct travelers to public accommodations, services for the traveling public, campgrounds, parks, recreational areas and points of scenic, historic, cultural and educational interest, it is the policy of this state and the purpose of ORS 377.700 (Short title) to 377.844 (Enforcement of rules regarding health and safety) and 377.992 (Penalties):


To establish official information centers and motorist informational signs, including sign plazas or travel plazas in appropriate locations.


To provide for publication and distribution of official guidebooks and other publications.


To prohibit the indiscriminate use of other outdoor advertising.


To provide motorists, where feasible, with information and access to communications systems for emergency and travel-related purposes. [1971 c.770 §2; 1999 c.877 §1; 2012 c.63 §5]
§§ 377.700 to 377.840

Notes of Decisions

Exclusion of on-premises signs from regulation as outdoor advertising signs is not content-based discrimination against noncommercial speech. Outdoor Media Dimensions, Inc. v. State of Oregon, 150 Or App 106, 945 P2d 614 (1997), aff'd 331 Or 634, 20 P3d 180 (2001)

Imposition of content-neutral regulatory requirements does not infringe on protected speech. Outdoor Media Dimensions v. Department of Transportation, 340 Or 275, 132 P3d 5 (2006)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

City and county "police power" for removal of billboards and signs; compensation or amortization period, (1974) Vol 36, p 1145


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