Highway Beautification

ORS 377.610
Public policy on junkyards

The Legislative Assembly hereby finds and declares that establishment, maintenance and operation of junkyards along public highways should be controlled in accordance with the provisions of ORS 377.605 (Definitions for ORS 377.605 to 377.655) to 377.655 (Rules for removal and disposition of signs and property in violation of ORS 377.650) in order to protect the public investment in such highways, promote the safety and recreational value of public travel on such highways, preserve natural beauty and aesthetic features of such highways and adjacent areas, and maintain the qualifications of this state for its share of federal-aid highway funds payable under title 23, United States Code, and in furtherance of the purposes previously established under ORS 366.556 (Acceptance of provisions of Acts of Congress) to 366.578 (Farm-to-market roads). [1967 c.590 §2]


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