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ORS 377.795
Allocation of costs of telephone informational system

  • webpage fee
  • disposition of receipts


Whenever the Travel Information Council establishes a telephone reservation system for lodging accommodations or other travel services at a sign plaza, the costs thereof shall be apportioned among the subscribing motels, hotels, trailer parks, campgrounds or providers of other travel services on a per room or other equitable basis.


(a) Whenever the council establishes a tourist and motorist information Internet webpage, or cooperates with the Department of Transportation or another public or private entity to provide information about travel services through an Internet webpage, the council may charge a fee for advertisement by, or information provided on the Internet webpage on behalf of, the providers of travel services.


The council may not place an advertisement for a provider of travel services on an Internet webpage identified as a department webpage. The department may place a link to the council’s Internet webpage on an Internet webpage identified as a department webpage.


If the council and the Department of Transportation decide to use the telephone system or the tourist and motorist information Internet webpage for emergency or other services, an appropriate portion of the overall telephone and Internet costs shall be borne by the department.


Receipts shall be deposited monthly, before the 10th day of the month, to the Travel Information Council account required by ORS 377.840 (Travel Information Council account).


The council may enter into one or more contracts providing for the promotion and sale of logos, motorist informational signs, sign plazas, subscriptions to the telephone reservation service and subscriptions to the tourist and motorist information Internet webpage. [1971 c.770 §7; 1973 c.790 §17; 1993 c.745 §8; 2001 c.296 §1; 2003 c.14 §165]
§§ 377.700 to 377.840

Notes of Decisions

Exclusion of on-premises signs from regulation as outdoor advertising signs is not content-based discrimination against noncommercial speech. Outdoor Media Dimensions, Inc. v. State of Oregon, 150 Or App 106, 945 P2d 614 (1997), aff'd 331 Or 634, 20 P3d 180 (2001)

Imposition of content-neutral regulatory requirements does not infringe on protected speech. Outdoor Media Dimensions v. Department of Transportation, 340 Or 275, 132 P3d 5 (2006)

Atty. Gen. Opinions

City and county "police power" for removal of billboards and signs; compensation or amortization period, (1974) Vol 36, p 1145


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