Interstate Compacts on Juveniles and Children

ORS 417.375
Development of family plan

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If the Department of Human Services conducts a family decision-making meeting under ORS 417.365 (“Family decision-making meeting” defined for ORS 417.365 to 417.375) to 417.375 (Development of family plan), the meeting shall result in the development of a written family plan that may include a primary permanent plan, concurrent permanent plan, placement recommendations and service recommendations. The family plan or service agreement shall also include:


The expectations of the parents of the child and other family members;


Services the department will provide;


Timelines for implementation of the plan;


The benefits of compliance with the plan;


The consequences of noncompliance with the plan; and


A schedule of subsequent meetings, if appropriate.


Any family member participating in a family decision-making meeting shall sign a written acknowledgment of the content of the family plan developed at the family decision-making meeting and their attendance at the meeting.


The department shall incorporate the family plan developed at the family decision-making meeting into the department’s service plan for the child to the extent that the family plan protects the child, builds on family strengths and is focused on achieving permanency for the child within a reasonable time.


If the family plan is not incorporated in the department’s service plan for the child, the department shall document the reasons in the service plan.


The department shall send a copy of the family plan to the family participants, including those family members who participated in writing pursuant to ORS 417.371 (Notice to family members of meeting) (3), no later than 21 days after the conclusion of the family decision-making meeting. [1997 c.799 §4; 2001 c.686 §18]


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