Interstate Compacts on Juveniles and Children

ORS 417.790
Grants for services, initiatives and other programs

The Early Learning Division shall:


Make grants to fund research-based services and initiatives to improve outcomes for children, youth or families.


Make Great Start grants to fund community-based programs for children zero through six years of age. A recipient shall use Great Start grant funds to provide research-based early childhood programs in community settings and to provide services that have proven to be successful and that meet the needs of the community. These services shall be provided in accordance with ORS 417.728 (Voluntary statewide early learning system).


Make grants under ORS 417.782 (Early childhood support grant program) to fund culturally specific early learning, early childhood and parent support programs that build capacity in communities to provide culturally appropriate services to ensure children start kindergarten ready to succeed and to support family stability. [1993 c.676 §31; 2001 c.976 §1; 2012 c.37 §§51,93; 2013 c.624 §§29,30; 2013 c.728 §25; 2019 c.122 §55]


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