Interstate Compacts on Juveniles and Children

ORS 417.720
Characteristics of service system

The characteristics of the service system developed and implemented under ORS 417.705 (Definitions for ORS 417.705 to 417.800) to 417.800 (Department to coordinate efforts and make recommendations) are that the system:


Is nonstigmatizing;


Is available and accessible when needed and is based on the perspective of children and families and, whenever possible, allows families to design their own service programs, based on assessment of their needs and their solutions and resources for change;


Is outcome-oriented;


Is integrated;


Recognizes the contributions of the system’s workers;


Promotes in the community a sense of responsibility for self and others and is committed to the well-being of children as well as support for families;


Emphasizes local planning for children and families and integrates local needs with statewide goals;


Provides services locally in a process that encourages partnerships, alliances and efficient use of resources; and


Provides local service delivery systems that build on the unique strengths of the county or community. [1993 c.676 §2; 2012 c.97 §22]


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