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ORS 431A.085
Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems Program created in Oregon Health Authority

  • Oregon Trauma Registry
  • rules


The Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems Program is created within the Oregon Health Authority for the following purposes:


Administering and regulating ambulances;


Training and licensing emergency medical services providers;


Establishing and maintaining emergency medical systems, including trauma systems; and


Maintaining the Oregon Trauma Registry for purposes related to trauma reimbursement, system quality assurance and cost efficiency.


The duties vested in the authority under ORS 431A.050 (Oregon Health Authority to develop comprehensive emergency medical services and trauma system) to 431A.080 (Duties of Oregon Health Authority related to trauma) and ORS chapter 682 shall be performed by the program.


The program shall be administered by a director.


The director of the program shall apply moneys transferred to the program under ORS 442.870 (Emergency Medical Services Enhancement Account) to:


Developing state and regional standards of care;


Developing a statewide educational curriculum to teach standards of care;


Implementing quality improvement programs;


Creating a statewide data system for prehospital care; and


Providing ancillary services to enhance this state’s emergency medical service system.


The director of the program shall adopt rules for the Oregon Trauma Registry. Rules adopted under this subsection must establish:


The information that must be reported by trauma centers to the program for inclusion in the Oregon Trauma Registry;


The form and frequency of reporting information under paragraph (a) of this subsection; and


Procedures and standards for the administration of the Oregon Trauma Registry.


The director of the program may adopt rules establishing, from information maintained in the Oregon Trauma Registry, a registry of information related to brain injury trauma. [Formerly 431.623]


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