Public Health Programs and Activities

ORS 431A.270
Testing for compliance

  • fee schedule
  • rules


The Oregon Health Authority may conduct testing of children’s products sold or offered for sale in this state in order to determine compliance with ORS 431A.258 (Disclosure by manufacturers), 431A.260 (Requirement to remove or substitute high priority chemicals of concern) and 431A.263 (Process for substituting chemicals).


The authority may establish by rule a schedule of fees for manufacturers of children’s products that are based on the costs to the authority for administering ORS 431A.253 (Definitions) to 431A.280 (Biennial report to Legislative Assembly). Fees collected by the authority under this subsection shall be deposited in the High Priority Chemicals of Concern for Children’s Health Fund established under ORS 431A.278 (High Priority Chemicals of Concern for Children’s Health Fund). [2015 c.786 §9]


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