Public Health Programs and Activities

ORS 431A.530
Oregon Health Authority duties

  • database
  • confidentiality


The Oregon Health Authority shall, in accordance with recommendations made by the Stroke Care Committee established under ORS 431A.525 (Stroke Care Committee), establish and implement a plan for achieving continuous improvement in the quality of stroke care. In implementing the plan, the authority shall:


Require hospitals certified as Comprehensive Stroke Centers or Primary Stroke Centers through the Joint Commission or an equivalent organization, and encourage all other hospitals, to submit stroke care data to a database designated by the authority. A hospital that submits stroke care data under this paragraph must authorize the keeper of the database to permit the authority to access the submitted data.


Designate a statewide or national stroke database to which hospitals described in paragraph (a) of this subsection are required to submit, or may submit, stroke care data for the purpose of obtaining information and statistics on stroke care. In designating the database, the authority shall ensure that the database:


Has security protections in place to safely protect individually identifiable information to the extent that the database receives and maintains such information; and


Aligns with the core consensus stroke metrics developed and approved by the American Heart Association, the American Stroke Association, the Joint Commission and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Develop a data oversight process in accordance with recommendations made by the Stroke Care Committee.


In addition to the duties described in subsection (1) of this section, the authority shall:


Coordinate with national health organizations involved in improving the quality of stroke care to avoid duplicative information and redundant processes.


Use information related to stroke care and reported pursuant to subsection (1)(a) of this section to support improvement in the quality of stroke care in accordance with guidelines that meet or exceed nationally recognized standards established by the American Stroke Association.


Encourage the sharing of information among health care providers on practices that improve the quality of stroke care.


Facilitate communication about data trends and treatment developments among health care providers and coordinated care organizations that provide services related to stroke care.


Provide stroke care data and recommend improvements for stroke care to coordinated care organizations.


Not later than the beginning of each odd-numbered year regular session of the Legislative Assembly, prepare and submit to the Legislative Assembly a report in the manner provided in ORS 192.245 (Form of report to legislature) summarizing the authority’s activities under this section.


(a) Information submitted to the designated database and accessed by the authority under this section:


Is confidential and not subject to disclosure under ORS 192.311 (Definitions for ORS 192.311 to 192.478) to 192.478 (Exemption for Judicial Department);


May be disclosed only as permitted in paragraph (b) of this subsection and in accordance with rules adopted by the authority under this section;


Is not subject to civil or administrative subpoena; and


Is nondiscoverable and inadmissible in a judicial, administrative, arbitration or mediation proceeding.


Individually identifiable information and information that identifies a hospital described in subsection (1)(a) of this section may not be disclosed by the authority without the approval of the hospital that submitted the information. Only deidentified information may be disclosed by the authority under this section. [Formerly 431.675]


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