ORS 433.140
Payment of isolation or quarantine expenses
  • assistance


The expenses incurred under ORS 433.128 (Conditions of and principles for isolation or quarantine), when properly certified by the local public health administrator, shall be paid by the person who is isolated or quarantined, when the person is able to pay the expenses.


The Oregon Health Authority may provide general assistance and medical assistance for the person who is isolated or quarantined, on the basis of need, provided that no payment shall be made for the care of any such person in or under the care of any public institution, except as provided in ORS 411.439 (Twelve-month continuation of medical assistance of persons with serious mental illness admitted to state hospital) and 411.447 (Suspension of medical assistance provided to inmates), or public agency or municipality. [Amended by 1971 c.779 §64; 2007 c.445 §29; 2009 c.595 §645; 2015 c.836 §4]

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