Disease and Condition Control

ORS 433.365
Inoculation against rabies

  • rules
  • exception
  • costs


A dog that has permanent canine teeth or that is six months of age or older must be inoculated against rabies, unless specifically exempted by rule of the Oregon Health Authority or the State Department of Agriculture.


Unless pursuant to conditions specified in ORS 430.357 (Minimum standards), any rules of the department or the authority with respect to inoculation shall:


Not apply to animals brought temporarily into the state for periods of less than 30 days but may require that the animals be kept under strict supervision by the owners of the animals.


Not apply to dogs or to any other animal specifically exempted from the inoculation requirement by rule of the department or the authority.


The costs of all such required inoculations shall be borne by the owners of the animal. [1971 c.413 §7; 1975 c.750 §2; 2001 c.636 §3; 2009 c.595 §667]


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