ORS 469.010

The Legislative Assembly finds and declares that:


Continued growth in demand for nonrenewable energy forms poses a serious and immediate, as well as future, problem. It is essential that future generations not be left a legacy of vanished or depleted resources, resulting in massive environmental, social and financial impact.


It is the goal of Oregon to promote the efficient use of energy resources and to develop permanently sustainable energy resources. The need exists for comprehensive state leadership in energy production, distribution and utilization. It is, therefore, the policy of Oregon:


That development and use of a diverse array of permanently sustainable energy resources be encouraged utilizing to the highest degree possible the private sector of our free enterprise system.


That through state government example and other effective communications, energy conservation and elimination of wasteful and uneconomical uses of energy and materials be promoted. This conservation must include, but not be limited to, resource recovery and materials recycling.


That the basic human needs of every citizen, present and future, shall be given priority in the allocation of energy resources, commensurate with perpetuation of a free and productive economy with special attention to the preservation and enhancement of environmental quality.


That state government assist every citizen and industry in adjusting to a diminished availability of energy.


That energy-efficient modes of transportation for people and goods shall be encouraged, while energy-inefficient modes of transportation shall be discouraged.


That cost-effectiveness be considered in state agency decision-making relating to energy sources, facilities or conservation, and that cost-effectiveness be considered in all agency decision-making relating to energy facilities.


That state government shall provide a source of impartial and objective information in order that this energy policy may be enhanced. [1975 c.606 §1; 1979 c.723 §1]


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