Oregon Energy; Conservation Programs; Energy Facilities
ORS 469.756
Rules; technical assistance; evaluations

The State Department of Energy in consultation with other state agencies and utilities shall adopt rules, guidelines and procedures that are necessary to establish savings for projects and to implement other provisions of ORS 469.752 (Definitions for ORS 469.752 to 469.756) to 469.756 (Rules), including, but not limited to, rules prescribing the procedures to be followed by an agency in negotiating with local utilities to develop agreements suitable for the joint development of projects, and procedures to determine which local utility, if any, shall be chosen to jointly develop the project. The department may enter into agreements under ORS chapter 190 with state agencies to provide technical assistance in selecting appropriate projects and to evaluate and determine energy and cost savings. [1991 c.487 §3]
Note: See note under 469.752 (Definitions for ORS 469.752 to 469.756).
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