ORS 469.890
Publicly owned utility to adopt commercial energy conservation program

  • fees
  • rules


Within 365 days after November 1, 1981, the Director of the State Department of Energy shall adopt rules governing energy conservation programs prescribed by ORS 469.895 (Application of ORS 469) and 469.900 (Duty of commission to avoid conflict with federal requirements) (3) and this section and may provide for coordination among electric utilities and gas utilities that serve the same commercial building. Within 180 days of the adoption of rules by the director, each covered publicly owned utility shall present for the director’s approval a commercial energy conservation services program that shall, to the director’s satisfaction:


Make information about energy conservation available to all commercial building customers of the covered publicly owned utility, upon request;


Regularly notify all customers in commercial buildings of the availability of the services described in this section; and


Provide to any commercial building customer of the covered publicly owned utility, upon request, an on-site energy audit of the customer’s commercial building, including, but not limited to, an estimate of the cost of energy conservation measures.


The programs submitted and approved under this section shall include a reasonable time schedule for effective implementation of the elements set forth in subsection (1) of this section in the service areas of the covered publicly owned utility.


The commercial energy conservation services program submitted under subsections (1) and (2) of this section shall specify whether the covered publicly owned utility proposes to charge the customer a fee for the energy audit and, if so, the fee amount. [1981 c.708 §§18,19; 2003 c.186 §51]


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