Application, Administration and Enforcement of Wildlife Laws

ORS 496.090
State Fish and Wildlife Commission

  • members
  • terms
  • qualifications
  • compensation and expenses


There is established a State Fish and Wildlife Commission that shall consist of seven members appointed by the Governor.


The term of office of each member is four years, but a member serves at the pleasure of the Governor. Before the expiration of the term of a member, the Governor shall appoint a successor. A member is eligible for reappointment. If there is a vacancy for any cause, the Governor shall make an appointment to become immediately effective for the unexpired term.


All appointments of members of the commission by the Governor are subject to confirmation by the Senate pursuant to section 4, Article III, Oregon Constitution.


One member of the commission shall be appointed from each of the congressional districts of this state, one member from that portion of the state lying west of the Cascade Mountains and one member from that portion of the state lying east of the Cascade Mountains.


Members appointed to the commission shall be residents of this state, as defined in ORS 497.002 (“Resident” and “nonresident” defined).


All members of the commission shall represent the public interest of the state and make decisions affecting the wildlife resources of the state for the benefit of those resources. Consistent with the requirements of this subsection, the commission shall provide for the productive and sustainable utilization of wildlife resources for all groups of users.


All members of the commission shall have a general knowledge of fish and wildlife issues and an understanding of the operation and functions of public policy boards and commissions. In making appointments to the commission, the Governor shall consider appointing members who possess natural resource backgrounds such as backgrounds in commercial fishing, recreational fishing, hunting, agriculture, forestry and conservation.


Failure of a member to maintain compliance with the eligibility requirements of subsections (4) and (5) of this section shall vacate membership. Members of the commission may otherwise be removed only by the Governor.


A member of the commission is entitled to compensation and expenses as provided in ORS 292.495 (Compensation and expenses of members of state boards and commissions). [1975 c.253 §8; 1981 c.545 §11; 1997 c.249 §177; 1999 c.697 §1; 2001 c.762 §1; 2013 c.1 §75]


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