Mining and Mining Claims

ORS 517.044
Location of claims upon placer deposits

  • posting notice

Any individual, a citizen of the United States, or one who has declared an intention to become such, who discovers a placer deposit of minerals upon the unappropriated public domain of the United States within this state, which minerals are subject to location under the mineral and mining laws of the United States, may locate a placer claim thereon by posting in a conspicuous place thereon a notice of such discovery and location. The notice shall contain:


The name of the claim.


The name of the individual or individuals locating the claim.


The date of the location of the claim.


The number of feet or acres claimed, together with a description, either by legal subdivisions, if practicable, or if not, then by reference to some natural object or permanent monument in the vicinity of the claim, which will identify the claim located. [1961 c.525 §2]
Chapter 517

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