Mining and Mining Claims

ORS 517.702
Legislative findings


The Legislative Assembly finds and declares that:


Mineral exploration is recognized as an integral part of the mineral industry with inherently less risk to the environment than surface or underground mining operations.


Mineral exploration assists in the orderly identification of mineral resources in the state.


Mineral exploration activities are recognized as distinct from operational activities.


The Legislative Assembly, therefore, declares that the purposes of ORS 517.702 (Legislative findings) to 517.755 (Mining operations affecting more than five acres), 517.790 (Operating permit required for surface mining on certain lands), 517.810 (Requirement for bond or security), 517.910 (Definitions for ORS 517.910 to 517.989) and 517.920 (Permit application fees under ORS 517.910 to 517.989) are to encourage efficient and environmentally sound identification and development of the mineral resources of this state. [Formerly 517.960]
Chapter 517

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Power of Department of Environmental Quality to regulate mining activities and recovery of oil and geothermal activities, (1972) Vol 35, p 1100

Law Review Citations

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