Oregon Mining and Mining Claims
ORS 517.836
Surveying or marking surface mining operations; rules


(a) The governing board of the State Department of Geology and Mineral Industries may adopt rules requiring the surveying or marking of surface mining operations.


The rules may include, but are not limited to, requirements for maps or diagrams showing areas excavated or approved for excavation, setbacks or buffers established by the operating permit and the location of buildings, wells, ponds, haul roads, stockpiles, bodies of water and floodways.


The rules may require that information required under this subsection be updated if the mining operations are subject to:


A notice of violation under ORS 517.860 (Effect of failure to comply with operating permit or reclamation plan);


A suspension order under ORS 517.880 (Order for suspension of surface mining operation operating without required permit); or


A significant modification of the operating permit or reclamation plan under ORS 517.831 (Modification of operating permit or reclamation plan).


The rules may exempt mining operations from survey or marking requirements based on the size or location of the operations or on the distance of the operations from ground and surface waters.


The rules must allow for reasonable compliance schedules for existing mining operations.


The governing board may adopt rules requiring surface mining operators to collect and report information relating to amount and nature of materials excavated or processed at a surface mining operation and the impacts of mining operations on ground or surface water. [2007 c.318 §4a]
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