Mining and Mining Claims

ORS 517.300
Effect of certificate

  • certified copy of certificate, notice and return admissible as evidence


A certificate issued as provided in ORS 517.280 (Certificate of ownership) shall be equivalent to a deed from a delinquent co-owner of all the interest of the delinquent co-owner in and to all mines described in the notice, and shall convey the interest of the delinquent co-owner in the premises to the co-owner or co-owners who performed or caused to be performed the assessment work. The certificate may be introduced in evidence in any cause where ownership of the property may become material. When so introduced, it shall have the same force and effect as would a duly executed and delivered deed from the delinquent co-owner.


A certified copy of the certificate, and of the notice and return, when made and certified to by the county clerk, shall be admissible in evidence in any trial where it is material to establish proof of service of the notice or ownership of the property.
Chapter 517

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