Mining and Mining Claims

ORS 517.982
Final permits

  • permit conditions submitted by cooperating agencies


Based on information received at the consolidated public hearing, from persons submitting written comments, commenting agencies and the review of the affected agencies, each permitting agency shall, within 45 days after the consolidated public hearing under ORS 517.981 (Draft permit and permit conditions) or within the time period required by any applicable federal law, whichever is sooner, approve, deny or modify the agency’s permit with conditions necessary to ensure that the mining operation allowed under a permit complies with the standards and requirements applicable to the permit.


Each cooperating agency shall:


Develop permit conditions within the expertise and authority of the cooperating agency that are reasonable and designed to avoid or minimize the adverse effect; and


Submit the permit conditions to the State Department of Geology and Mineral Industries to be included as conditions on the department’s permit.


The department may not issue a permit until each cooperating agency has submitted a written concurrence with the terms and conditions of the permit pertaining to the statutory responsibility of each cooperating agency or 60 days after the consolidated public hearing, whichever is earlier.


Upon completion of the permits, the department shall issue a notice in accordance with ORS 517.959 (Public notice requirements for ORS 517.952 to 517.989) to notify interested persons that the final permits are issued. [1991 c.735 §20; 2013 c.371 §21; 2017 c.736 §9]
Chapter 517

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